Raging Against The Dying Of The Light – Charles H.

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Given the rate of change of humanity it’s not crazy at all to say we could be at the turning point where bodily mortality, our genetic code, is cracked and aging a thing of the past. This is the puzzle one could only dream of. This is your chance to beat the buzzer, and cure all terrible ailments in the process. To be a pioneer that will always be known as one who helped get humanity there. One of the first.


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Raging Against The Dying Of The Light

Author: Charles.H

In our modern day society, Death is generally viewed in the institutionalized sense as something to be feared and avoided at all costs. It is the ominous, pressing and inevitable storm cloud that hangs over us whether we notice it or notNot something to be treated lightly, and generally invoking a great sense of fear forcing us to make decisions to keep it as far away as possible. We fear the Omega of the human experience.


START (Earth, Milky Way & Humans)


Imagine your teacher sits you down and offers you a project. She says “I have a difficult assignment for you, if you complete it you will never have to do another homework again, go to class, or attend schooling of any sort again. However… if you fail to complete it, you will open a mystery box no one has ever been able to talk about opening and on the other side, you may experience an entirely different reality, a heaven, even a hell, 


How Should I Live My Life?


In this article we explore the actions we take and the purpose those actions serve. We will take a look at how peoples’ religious beliefs shape the actions they take. In conjunction to this we will look at the current decline of religion, talk about the reasons why, and about new belief systems that may serve as new ways of shaping the actions we take. At the end you will be given a thought experiment with two paths..

Raging Against The Dying of the Light – Charles H.
START (Earth, Milky Way & Humans)

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The butterfly effect has more power than ever given the rate of information exchange in today’s society. The thoughts and ideas that you put into the universe will have a great deal of an effect of the reality down the line. Often thought of as a random course of actions, which, even the very smallest action such as a butterfly flapping its wings. Would completely change details of a reality far down the line. The larger the impact, such as a speech given to 1,000 people, the quicker the change in society would happen. With the internet, giving a speech to 1,000 people is easier than ever. We all have a voice, and on certain advertising platforms such as Reddit.