Apply to Existism

Who you surround yourself with makes up who you are.

Living together with a common goal is an experience like no other.

Alignment of the community at the highest level makes for the strongest bonds, and only the best vibes.

We are moving to a larger house from the one in our video and taking applicants.

We pay for maids, meals, and more. Our time is better spent trying to cure aging, not cooking, cleaning, or doing laundry.

We also employ a full-stack digital team to help our house-mates thrive. Wed Developers, Graphic Designers, 3D modelers, Copywriters, and more. All already hired full-time.

Nov 2021 – A group of like-minded people banded together to fight the common enemy of their future self. The grim reaper.

With the opportunity that only happens once in a species existence, the idea of escaping deaths grip, seeming slightly possible within the members lifetimes….

These individuals fully and completely became a unit, disregarding the standard quarrels in life because of the consistent greater perspective given by the environment of the huge goal they placed before them.

Nov 2022 – News outlets, media, and press picked up on the unique collab house.

The reach and spread of the idea reached across the world and the ever so slight idea of this possibility changed peoples minds, for many completely subconsciously.

The minute changes in their views, led to minute changes in a various interactions in their future.

The possibility reaching many minds completely set the trajectory of the earth into a different timeline, as every single action does because of the butterfly effect, albeit most actions have a random effect on the future.

This effect made people more aware of the possibilities of not needing to suffer as the code of their bodies mutated and failed into old age.

The spread of information, and the rate at which the butterfly effect propagates has never been larger as the entire human species was connected via light speed information.

This alone may have been enough to push a heightened perspective of the future into the minds who helped make it happen before the time was up, but may have was not enough. After attracting the attention of wealthy elderly experiencing the ailments of old age they raised an egregious amount of capital to fund their vision.

These people wanted to leave a positive mark on the world, a part of them hoped some miracle drug would pop up before their own time was up but many understood it to be exactly that, a miracle.

However their finances they dispersed to the cause moved the needle forward, pushing the greater perspective of Existism into humanity and changed not only the chance of the human species continued existence moving forward, but made it more likely, sooner meaning incalculable amount of human suffering was saved from the generosity of the few.