Get Involved

The butterfly effect has more power than ever given the rate of information exchange in today’s society. The thoughts and ideas that you put into the universe will have a great deal of an effect of the reality down the line. Often thought of as a random course of actions, which, even the very smallest action such as a butterfly flapping its wings. Would completely change details of a reality far down the line. The larger the impact, such as a speech given to 1,000 people, the quicker the change in society would happen. With the internet, giving a speech to 1,000 people is easier than ever. We all have a voice, and on certain advertising platforms such as Reddit. 50 cents will garnish 1,000 impressions from users. Even a dollar can change the course of history, but instead of your money we would prefer your larger involvement in the cause. Rather than sending a ripple out with a dollar, your efforts are far more impactful in form of effort. Heres a pyramind of involvement possible starting with the biggest ripple, your in person presence.

  1. Resident: Right now homebase is Tucson, AZ. Cheap, safe, and relaxed. We have a home, we have some extra rooms. Come stay here and live life with purpose. We are not that strict, part of wanting to live forever requires enjoying life. Its all love here.
  2. Neighbor: Need your own space? Join the local community. Rent ranges 500-2000/month.
  3. Community Member: Partake in forum development, recruitment,
  4. Believer: Pick if you really believe you will understand the rational thought under this philosophy, and do not want to take any of those steps we have failed to create the propaganda to derive the emotional response necessary for you to take action. Let us know, what could work.
  5. Donator: Every $1 reaches 500 people via youtube Ad. Expand the message, spread longevity mindset like a virus, change the world forever.