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“The flapping of the wings of a butterfly can be felt on the other side of the world”. With this famous phrase that the butterfly effect uses as a premise, we can confirm that an idea can trigger an action that at the same time moves heavy machinery which ends up changing our destiny. Only a simple decision can completely change the whole course of humanity.

As the fuse of a bomb caught about to explode, we want this idea to expand rapidly, so people can be aware of the fact that aging is something from the past and that we can get a cure. Among all of us, we can bring a little change, the righteous change that humanity so desperately needs.

The butterfly effect has more power than ever given the rate of information exchange in today’s society. The thoughts and ideas that you put into the universe will significantly affect the reality down the line—often thought of as a random course of action.  When it comes to language and humans, the idea of randomness vanishes, the term “we can cure aging if we try” is persuasive.

 It’s not very compelling given it has no evidence placed to back it up and a little story and emotional value as a stand alone phrase. But, paired together with video, facts, and an emotional experience, the idea can be like a spear into someone’s psyche. Slightly changing the way they think about the world and the future, and that slight change will be felt by others who interact with them. And thus, every person given the spell of knowledge is like an infected virus, infected with the knowledge that will, on average, put society closer to a reality in which aging is viewed as a disease and eventually eradicated.

Society and every invention you use was thought of by someone. Our collective thoughts create our future, and thus, thoughts shared with others changes their world. This has recently become a more common idea known as “predictive programming”.

 It has been acknowledged that the futuristic technologies seen used in movies and tv shows actually influence those technologies coming to fruition as it changes people’s beliefs about what is possible and what is important. And if a man or woman thinks something is possible, and that it is important. 

That will drive action and the spread of that belief to others. In that very sense, you right now reading this page are being cast under a spell. A spell that is not magical in any way, but merely a set of words that has now changed not only your future but mine as well. Because we are all in this together, if you are reading this, you are a part of my reality, and I am a part of yours, and I can only hope we can both believe it’s important enough that we fight the good fight. The common enemy of all humans and we can continue forward to learn about the universe and all it may offer.

On certain advertising platforms such as Reddit, 50 cents will adorn 1,000 user impressions. Even a dollar can change the course of history, but instead of your money, we prefer your effort in support of our purpose. Instead of sending a wave with a dollar, your initiative is much more impactful in the form of an effort.

How strongly do you feel? Do you want to take a leap with your life and forever change the path of your life? We have a house (well… a mansion) in California for us like-minded individuals to get together to accomplish this together.

“Surround yourself with those who will not compete with you but will revel in your success & somehow see your ascent as a reflection of their own possibilities”

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