Spiral Dynamics Imbedded Rhinestone – Dopamine Molecule


Purple “Tribal” vMEME

As human consciousness evolves, it next goes into the Purple “Safety” vMEME. This second “awakening” occurred approximately 50,000 years ago. The basic theme for the Purple vMEME is: Keep the spirits happy and the tribe’s nest warm and safe.


Yellow “Interdependence” vMEME

The first level within the Second Tier is the Yellow “Inter-dependence” vMEME, which is the 7th “awakening,” and it occurred about 50 years ago. The Yellow vMEME’s basic tenet is: Live fully and responsibly with authenticity.

Turquoise “Harmony” vMEME

Experiencing the world as a single, dynamic organism with its own collective mind. Acknowledging the Self as both distinct and a blended part of a larger, compassionate whole.



Product Description

Dopamine Molecule Necklace is made from alloy plate 18K and silver and rose gold

Necklace Type: Pendant Necklaces
Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
Material: Metal
Pendant Size: 12*22mm


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