Raging Against The Dying Of The Light – Charles H.

In our modern day society, Death is generally viewed in the institutionalized sense as something to be feared and avoided at all costs. It is the ominous, pressing and inevitable storm cloud that hangs over us whether we notice it or notNot something to be treated lightly, and generally invoking a great sense of fear forcing us to make decisions to keep it as far away as possible. We fear the Omega of the human experience. 

Throughout human history, religions and philosophies were formed in the wake of our consciousness acknowledging that there is an end to this dream we call life. Certain religions crafted afterlives, which became meritbased, your resulting afterlife determined by your life before you crossed the dark threshold. Philosophies were thought- up, debated, reassessed and just about every single one touched on the concept of Death with a certain gravity. 

In manEastern philosophies Death took on a cyclical form or perhaps just viewed as another stage of our life and spirit. In Western philosophies it was something to be accepted, and viewed objectively and not to be feared at all. Of course many philosophies blended multiple interpretations, with the common consensus being that Death is something all must face and not you nor your precious hermit crab can avoid it. But what if in our modern society we may reach a new point, where death becomes an option, or even a multiplicity of deaths become possible? 

We live in a time of exponential growth; science, healthcare, technology, and weaponry are all growing at a rate unprecedented and maybe even too fast in some areas. . . We are making discoveries within our genes on where diseases root and how to destroy them. We are learning how to augment technology to improve our lives and mobility while simultaneously extending the average life span well beyond what it was. All of this, right while we live and breathe, and of course dieNow this is all well and good but where does it lead? A human life of 100 years, or say 150 years? Beyond even that? With our exponential growth it is hard to put a ceiling on where this new line in the sand will be drawn.

That line must be drawn though. There must be an end in some for or another,  though that end may someday be in our hands to determine. With that end comes endless new beginnings and unimaginable possibilities of what human life may evolve into.  Why would our creator give us the awareness of our own demise, while also giving us the spirit to defeat it, if he didn’t want us to do that very thing! 

Many of the big concepts of extending our human life and which are able to touch beyond the grave are rather daunting in themselves: a collective downloaded conscious, A.I, perhaps even coding our genes into a form to be rewritten by some other species that finds it and can decipher it. Now many of these concepts sound straight out of science fiction right? Though science fiction writers of yesteryear may be disappointed in our lack of flying cars by this time, I can bet they would hardly believe that we would have the ability to access the extent of humanity’s published thought through the internet, instant communication, and the ability to capture and hold light in a still or moving image. All of this, from a single device hardly bigger than a human hand (and so simple that even a 10 year old could be proficient with it). I would imagine that they would quickly forgive us our lack of personal vehicles with jet engines strapped to them. Who is to say where the next 50 to 100 years may bring us? We have more computing power in our pocket than the rocket that sent us to the moon 50 years ago.

So you may begin to understand that our current conjecture is still simply that: conjecture. The new avenues of death will have to be dealt with and philosophy will have to be amended, as options like downloading our consciousness onto something else becomes a reality. New questions arise and must be dealt with. Does the soul die with our body? Do we simply become a reflection of a prior self, or is it simply a new ascension? What happens to our relationship to the Earth that spawned us, if we no longer see ourselves as a part of it? I cannot give you these answers, and many of the topics are due for certain reflection and pondering in and of themselves. We must ask new questions as new technologies create new realities and futures for mankind. With more time to think and explore, the more answers we find and perhaps the more questions we create, but we must try, for what else is there to do in this existence other than fight through the infinite?

I can not promise all the answers nor can any human on this Earth. All I can give you is a possibility, or rather a means to attempt to bring these realities into fruition. It is not a guarantee nor is it a promise of eternal life, it is simply an offer to be a part of something that may be able to send humanity into a new existence allowing us to experience different types of death and rebirth. Explore at your own volition for there are many avenues this may take you. This is Existism. 

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