What Is Existism?

Exist – have objective reality or being.

Ism – a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy

You have a chance to make it to the point of being able to live hundreds of years, to experience things you can not even dream of. You are able to change whether you make that point or not. Thats what this is about. Think about it like a video game with a quest, completing the quest has all the rewards, and the journey there will be rewarding in it of itself, we are building a community of people who believe in doing something with their lives.


A rational, open-minded perspective on the world. Practical reasoning and philosophy to support the pursuit of life extension. 

Core beliefs 
  1. The more information you have, the better you are able to find the answer to a question (no shit, right)
  2. There is no way to know for sure if there is an afterlife at this time, or if that afterlife is even considered more desirable than this life.
  3. Within the next 50 years there is a chance that we extend the human lifespan by another 50 years.

From the knowledge of fact one, your purpose/view on the world should be fluid. You understand that you do not know everything, and by that fact any purpose/view that claims to have knowledge of something that cannot be proven would be ill followed. Based on fact two, devoting yourself to a purpose/religion that promises an afterlife would be on blind faith, something that is promoted within these religions for obvious reasons. Based on fact three, as long as you believe that chance is above one in a trillion, you should be devoting your life to making sure that that chance increases by your will/actions. With all the information we currently have, the best thing we could do is put our selves in a place to be able to get the rest of the information.

200,000 years ago when the Homo Sapien came to be, up until 6,000 BC, we as humans had to stay focused on surviving using our physical abilities. From 6,000 BC to now a larger and larger portion of humanity from has entered into a lifestyle where a surplus of food and a safe environment has made survival an expectation and our death changed from not being caused by our failure or success in finding food or fighting, but by chance and luck. Well I for one am undoubtedly convinced that we are entering into a new era, where we can again fight death, not with our strength or speed but with our wit of mind. Many people may say oh that’s unnatural I will die when I die, let nature take its course. If you have those thoughts let me explain why they fall short. A cure to anything is life extension, when you were young and got sick, did you say no thanks medicine I’ll let nature take its course, no thanks vaccinations, let the disease take its course. We as a society get so use to our norms it can be hard to see past them, under 200 years ago our average life span was halve of what it is today. We are already past the point of natural, the movement towards extension of life will simply be our ability to cure everything in our path, rather than losing the battle to the illnesses, reversing our aging effects is turning the dial in the right direction for your quality of life.

For millions of years death has been an inescapable path. Society has come to accept death as a part of life. Where we are now, and where we are going brings into light the possibility of eternal, or extended life. Survival, even more innate than our acceptance for death. I will not accept 100 years as a long life.

Today our choices are a life and death situation, it’s just some of us just have just accepted death, or can’t fathom that it really is a choice.

What the fuck are you doing? No seriously… you may be working to get a better house, a nicer car. A better looking spouse. For what? To die and for your name to be forgotten. To be a blink in the universe.

Death is the only true thing to worry about. 

You were not lead here on accident.

Raging Against The Dying Of The Light – Charles H.

In our modern day society, Death is generally viewed in the institutionalized sense as something to be feared and avoided at all costs. It is the ominous, pressing and inevitable storm cloud that hangs over us whether we notice it or notNot something to be treated lightly, and generally invoking a great sense of fear forcing us to make decisions to keep it as far away as possible. We fear the Omega of the human experience.